03 Jan 2010 Day 3

Day 3 Photo

Tried to play with my new baby SP570UZ Olympus. Played with the shutter (I forgot what already. Just took what I deemed comfortable.) then auto contrast / level the picture in adobe photoshop.

Do gimme your comments. Photo was taken at dd's house void deck. There is always this trishaw that is parked there... I wonder if the police gives summons for trishaws? Anyway it was pitch dark outside, and I love the vintage look of the trishaw... The flower makes me smile. Call me an auntie... hahaha. But I do love vintage stuffs. 百看不厌。

How was your sunday? I hate it that it's another working day tomorrow. Eeks. Got lots to catch up with tomorrow after the long periods of holidays. So in order to put my word of the month to action, I'm wearing red tomorrow! hehehe.

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