04 Jan 2010 Day 4 & Mom's Bdae

Mommy, happy birthday! Though I was kind of sad that you didn't pick up the calls today so I missed having dinner with you but still we had the cake to celebrate your birthday.
What better way than to celebrate Day4 with candle+light, cake, happy mommy and a snapping daddy? Yesh. Somehow my dad learned to take photos as if he were trying to get into the youngster's age group. So firstly, Day4 photo... I was lazy and used my point and shoot Sony Camera... Hehehe...

And to really emphasize on my daddy's craziness today...

He was taking a picture of me taking a picture of him and he is very determined to take a shot at that! I will definitely look into the photos soon enough before he decides to tell me that he has a blog. *faintz*

Daddy refuses NOT to NOT look at the camera when I take.

So I focus on the cake instead. Hahaha.

This section is specially for my friend Yin Yin aka YY aka blur queen.... etc. Hehehe. Ok lah. Just YY (with a slant).

Thank you for going all the way to Gleneagles Medical Centre to help me retrieve the medicine from the specialist clinic... Really appreciate your help... Thanks for being so extremely nice, and yes, if I do go Korea again I will bring back the dried seaweed for you okie! :)

And I did enjoy catching up with you, just like the old times! :) Let's do that more often!

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