10 Jan 2010 Day 8, 9 & 10

It has been a fulfilling weekends for me. Packing the house in preparation for the Chinese New Year. I've been keeping to my word of the year, focusing on what needs to be done now. So I am happy..

Day 8

My colleague, Serene and I went past this river this day to get to Zion market for lunch. And we happen to see a very huge monitor lizard swimming in this river. Unfortunately, some people spoke loudly and the monitor lizard went under waters before I could snap a picture of it. Argh.. This river is something that I see everyday from work, and I thought why not commemorate this day with this picture? Although I still wanted that picture of the monitor lizard.. Do they swim?!

Day 9

Darling's nephew had his birthday party held at Go Go Bambini in Dempsy Rd on Sat. I had fun looking at the kids playing at the slides... Most of all, something glowed at me when I stepped in... Haha...

Day 10

Yes, I started teaching tuition again. After a long break due to my commitments, I've decided to teach my dear children again. Today was the first class, I'm teaching primary 4 maths. My student is an Indian boy, very shy but very adorable. I found him likeable. And he takes Chinese as his mother tongue... I'm surprised! Since I was early, I took the lift up to 25th floor, hoping to get a glimpse of the railway station since his house was just behind, but I think i got to the wrong side of the block but hey, this view is incredible! The buzzling city that never rests even on weekends.


There's always a delay in my pictures.. Hehehe, I am a busy woman you see? I'll try to get my photos uploaded in due time alrights.... But no, I've not been giving up, at least so far. Sadly, I've not been using my olympus camera very often due to its weight and travelling around with it has been very inconvienient. Hence, the photos are either being taken by my iphone or my Sony point and shoot DSC-T300. But I guess what's important to me is the story that the photos tell. I'll try harder next time.

In the meantime, I'm preparing for school to reopen tomorrow. Another workday, hoping u have a great week ahead and do leave me a comment, if you happen to pop by. Tell me what you've been snapping.. Till then!

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