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On days like today, I love to drive. I always get to see the nice blue sky. Especially during sunset. Except the fact that I cant take the pictures of them though. Today I saw it when I was driving past ECP. I love that sky. The sunset and the ferris wheel. They're picture perfect combinations. Next time when dd drives me home, I will request him to take the ECP. Haha.

I did manage to get a picture of the moon with bright daylight though. I love it hiding behind those clouds. But dont worry. These were taken at a traffic light which was red. Safely done.

Olympus SP570UZ, ISO125, Shutter Priority, 1/250, F4.4
Editted in photoshop CS on contrast and hue

I learnt quite a bit in one of my photos today. I tried to capture the action of the waterfall that I see almost everyday. It's amazing. Something learnt. Something gained.

Left: Olympus SP570UZ, ISO64, Shutter Priority, 1/25, F8.0
Right: Olympus SP570UZ, ISO125, Shutter Priority, 1/250, F3.7

It's not a good picture, but it is a stepping stone... I'll get there! :) Special thanks to Kailian, she taught me how to use the shutter and aperture modes yesterday... So i brought it out today with me to test! :)

Having a great day. Had my hands onto my next LO. Couldn't resist. The sketch was enlightening. Haha. Do pop over Studio Calico.. Some great sketches going on... Had lots of fun cutting... With the penknife... Haha, seems like long time ago when i picked up those craft knives... Dont forget to submit by saturday!

Today, someone came to find me, and told me he lost his wallet. So to this friend of mine, here's what I have to say to you:
"My dear, life is what u choose to be. I know this is what everyone else will say, but this is also true. Whenever something fails to go your way, it really doesn't mean that it's over. What you procrastinate to do now has heavy consequences that will double up on your way. However little you do, it's baby steps but will get you there. You choose the path you want. I laid the pros n cons for u, I walk with you as a friend. These are things I can do for you. The rest is up to you. I hope you choose the right path, and dont hurt the people who are good to you. And finally, dont try to beh deh ur twin again. Especially when I knew it right from the time u spoke to me at Bishan. Some of it at least. And today when I picked up ur call. So just to let u know it's useless. You have a twin n a friend in me. *wink*"

I was especially happy to see Shiyun and her comment on my blog today. :) You found me! haha. That was real great memory that you have! I'll drop by AR soon enough, and I cant wait till next month! :) See you soon, and I'll email you regarding the class soon.. It's tough choice! :)

It's been a long day, gotta turn to bed soon. Night ppl!

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Kyo said...

Today i came to visit a friend and i told her i lost my wallet.A friend i could not imagine i would tell her i lost my wallet, because i am always on the arrogant side that wont even let myself so low that i would tell her this. For what you told me, these are what i have to say:
" My dear, i know you for nearly 9 years.Been through thick and thin, my worst event in my life you were there but i neglected you and gave you up,but fate bring us back together even i try to avoid you. It's like you know Chang-er the moon thingy story. Funny thing is we met once every year like Chang-er even though we are busy.Today, you are there again telling me about facts of life, without much explanation, i understand your meaning towards me because we are twins. As the saying goes, ay... what meet once not very close , meet many times become husband and wife... LOL ( i am very bad in my chinese and you know that. LOL).Thanks for your words of encouragement, but for you to be there is enough. I envy your loves ones to have you there, if he doesn't treasure you it's his lost. Lastly, i will not forget you where ever i am and i always remember "The White lily in the glass bottle". =D