Overhead bridge and the moon

I walked down further into my estate where it has an overhead bridge overlooking PIE. I brought along my camera, Leena's, DPS and KL's advice and I thought, I need a good picture! So I started playing around the shutter and adjusting the speed.

Here's what I got, but it isn't what I liked to achieve.

Olympus SP570UZ, ISO125, Shutter Priority, 1/8, F3.4

Here's the second shot I took but it went too wrong...
Olympus SP570UZ, ISO125, Shutter Priority, 1/25, F3.1

So I tried using 1/2. Cant go anymore. This seems the limit for this camera. 

Olympus SP570UZ, ISO125, Shutter Priority, 1/2, F3.3

So tell me please, is it the limited traffic hence I couldn't get the lines Leena got, or that my camera has limitations on the shutter? Hahaha but I am still happy with this shot. At least I made the effort to go try taking some pictures based on what I've learnt.

Later on at the night, I was leaning on my car... And I love to tilt my head backwards to watch the sky. There it was. The moon. Shining brightly. How could I not make that a subject in my quest?

Olympus SP570UZ , ISO400, Aperture Priority, 1/2, F4.0

Now I wonder, which one should be the photo of the day? Haha. I love both for different reasons.

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