Pencillines Sketch 169

Honestly, I am excited that I finally got over my scrapblock. Or that comfort zone. I was very much inspired by this sketch.. (Though the new sketch is already out, I know I know...)

Jast - A name we call ourselves

I just started with the LO but had no title or journalling in mind. Finally when the LO was nearly done, I just thought of the deer and the sun... hahaha.. Quite true. So my journalling goes like this:

Do a deer, a female deer
Ra a drop of golden sun
Jast a name we call ourselves
Fa a long long way we walked....

Jaze and I always go to Orchard on a photo taking session. It has been two years now. I had fun. I loved those photos we took. It's her presence or her craziness that matters. :)

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