Web Hopping

Monday has always been web hopping day. Finding whatever I need, and seeking for new ideas and inspirations. Start off the week with hopes and inspirations to jet start the monday blues. It does help me keep focus and cheery.

This week, I found some websites related to the project I am doing at designerdigitals. And I've immediately printed it out and place in my SB journal so that I can read it on the way.. Loving the ideas and motivation. Do check it out. Sometimes taking photos aint totally about perfection. It's the story behind that I love. Each day, defined by a photo of choice. That is my story I live in. Had a talk with KL regarding this topic as well. Looks like I aint the only one thinking this way. :) Perhaps the photo doesn't mean anything to the person who sees it, but it means the world to me.

Daddy's in Indonesia right now, and I'm upset because he's forgotten to sms or call me before he left on the plane. Gonna *Bite* him. :)

I am going to change the header of my blog later on. My happy header. :)

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