CNY Day 3

Day 3 marks the CNY at my house. Unfortunately, Joshua was running a high fever so we couldn't go to Sei Sok's hse (4th Uncle). But there was great events at our place I couldn't help but carry my camera all around to capture it...

Gu Ma & Yi Bak Leong
Yi Bak Leong & Grandma
Andre & Me
Yi Bak Leong, Joanne, Me & Janel
The part where I had to order KFC. (if you noticed the advertisement... When you eat KFC, you can shut all comments...) Hahaha... Anyway that's daddy and Ying Heng... LOL.
Ying Heng at his cutest moments... :)
I love watching daddy over the gadgets as always... :) And we started talking about portable printers, and how I ran all around to evaluate the printers in the market... Canon, Sony, etc....
Finally, papa got to know from Yi Bak that I haven't had one and this one came out from the storeroom... FOR ME! :) Wahahahaha! My hongbao was big this year!!!

Now I only need to get my hands on the cartridge.... And tomorrow I will go get it! Cant wait!

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