CNY Day 7

Heyo! How has the Chinese New Year been for all of ya? I've been busy... Still visiting... And I love the visiting... :) Although it's really past my age to be enjoying the hongbaos and eating... But I love the meeting up with all my cousins and uncles and aunties... It's fun to be snapping around and seeing the joys of the members...

The best part of the saturday was seeing daddy and my nephew watching the boats at Vivocity... Daddy normally doesn't display affections... He is the typical no-nonsense kind of dad... And seeing these photos make me want to give him a grandson... LOL. Unfortunately, daddy's got a long time to wait... :)

My dad & me... My no-nonsense dad agreed to take a photo with me... Rocks! I had that streak of luck that day!

Had some photos of my uncles and aunties... I will definitely scrap these photos... My treasures.... I think I don't really have a lot of photos with my uncles & aunts!

And then there are my cousins... :) Most of the bulk got stuck to the games... 4 controllers. What do you expect... Hahaha. Boys will be boys... And the girls have their bits of fun too!

Some lovely shots also.. I missed my cousins... Each year, i see them only during CNY... I love the shots and they're definitely what I'll use to scrap for the year! :)

Last but not least... My cousin had a playful moment with my camera... LOL. She asked us to pose a fierce look... LOL. I'm surprised my grandma played along as well! Hahahha...

I love Chinese New Year! So far the visiting is up to today... :) Tiring but fulfilling... I love these memories. Will be scrapping them soon!

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