Moments Recorded Jan 2010

I was blinking my eyes to make sure they aint playing tricks on me. (I had a late night last night and was really sleepy today at work.) And I saw this. Hehe thank you MR & Angie! Now I am really awake! :) It's been a real nice challenge and I had fun participating... Do have a look at the submissions, beautiful pieces! Also check out MR's Feb challenge! It's gonna be fun.. I was supposed to do a LO for my dd... Hehehe. But never got to it... I think the best time to try would be after CNY... (I've not even finished packing my room! :P)

Have a great day people! :)


Sindy said...

Congrats! :)

tan yin wen said...

Congrats Stacy!! So good to have met you, and hoping we'll always have the chance again!

Great blog & photos too!!

Wishing you in Happy Chinese New Year in advance, and hope you have a well rested holiday ahead!