Photo Updates & Busy Schedules

Phew, the worst of my part of the week is over, finally getting some precious time to relax and review the week.

Last weekends, as I mentioned earlier, I've attended Shinni's Enchanted cupcakes and Tuck in Tarts class. And I was so happy to be mixing, stirring (I still kinda cant get over the stirring part... it was the crux of the class!), decorating (my favourite!)..... Best of all, I realised I cant crack eggs. What happened to those eggs i cracked into my maggie mee?! Hahaha. Yah spills and all. But the tarts and the cupcakes turned out to be gorgeous and delicious! I am very determined to do that again! My hard work was used to feed my dd and my family mostly.. but I had a good bite onto the tarts and the cupcakes, and I'm hooked! Haha. After CNY, more baking! Here's the class picture after enchanted cupcakes, we made some really beautiful and delicious ones! 

That's the group of us. Realised all of us were grinning ear to ear? Cos they asked me how long the timer is set. But I didnt know. LOL. So i asked them to pose and wait. Hahaha. When the light started blinking, we were like "ok ok hurry smile it's taking!" :)

Here's my teacher at work! Shinni! Pretty isn't she?


I am also brewing something for my dd for Vdae. Actually it was more meant for me to hug, him to bully and I'm almost sure that his nephew will use it as a baseball or soccer ball soon (in collaboration with my dd of cos!) But hey it's the fun of making something that makes the season a season of love right?


The weekdays have been filled with work, work and more work. I had our thailand engineers coming over for training and I was supposed to fill them up with 3 days of training, whilst my colleagues finish up the other 2 days. I am also planning for my next trip real soon, and probably will go to Indonesia at the end of the month. Argh, so tiring~


After work on wed, I was really dragging my feet for tuition. But I had a little surprise from this little girl on my second lesson with her.
ok, i need to blank out my other personal data cos it's personal. LOL.


And for any other free time, I'm looking out for more ways to expand my photography knowledge. Especially after reading Leena's blog, I had to go do some "hands-on" sessions! :) 
[ Leena, I love the blue lighting too~ Could you please teach me the hearts lighting as well? :) ] 
Here's what I tried my hands on this week.

Olympus SP570UZ , ISO400, Aperture Priority, 1/5, F4.4

Olympus SP570UZ , ISO400, Aperture Priority, 1/3, F4.4
Olympus SP570UZ , ISO400, Aperture Priority, 1/6, F2.8
Olympus SP570UZ , ISO125, Aperture Priority, 1/2, F3.8
Olympus SP570UZ , ISO125, Aperture Priority, 1/13, F2.8
Olympus SP570UZ , ISO400, Aperture Priority, 1/2, F3.3

I had fun playing with lights this time. They melt me. They tell me love and hope. This month for Feb, since it is also known as the month of love, my theme would be around love. It could be anything I love, or anything that displays love. I'm sure there would be quite a bit out there. Hahaha.

Till my next update then, and I'm sure I've more to share. Drop me a comment, tell me your week and tell me which photo u like best. :)

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Sindy said...

Not sure if you have found the way to make the love bokeh but here is an example as shown on a website. You can cut out different shapes such as star too. Have fun!