MWL : Tray full of memories

I think I must be crazy. I wanted to do this class to record the memories of me & my dd, and I wanted to give it to him on that very same day as a special gift. Honestly, a bit mission impossible right?

By the time I left the classroom, it was 11pm. And by the time I completed the raw one it was 1145pm. And I was just in time to present the gift to my dd. Hahahaha.

So here goes : Tray Full of Memories by Sharon (MWL)

I love this piece! And beware on the close-ups. Erm, put it this way - Sharon placed alot of effort on each of the individual cards. And I had to distress, emboss, glitterise, crackle-rise... Hahaha. You get the point. It's worth all that effort and I'm not saving on the photos. Hehehe.

Photo 1
This one here, using the widest variety of techniques possible. Wahaha. I won't be going through that long list here. But I can tell u that envelope took up most of the time, and also my favourite. :)

Photo 2

I love embossing, but I dont think it's possible for me to try that at home without a heat gun. Hahaha. Does that call for an addition to my collection of jigs & tools?

Photo 3

This pull out is a genius idea!

Photo 4
More distressing. Dont you love the vintagey colours? Woohoot!

Photo 5
And this of all is my favourite piece. A few reasons.
1. I love that mannequin. I love that stamp. *Drool...*
2. Sharon has specially sacrificed her clip and given it to me so that I can finish this present on time. Oh Sharon, how can I thank you enough!!! *Hugz*
Has to be the best piece of them all! :)

Photo 6
I sorta changed this quite a bit. I saw the bird cage and I love it! And the key and lock were my precious 7Gypsies collection, honestly, I didn't bear to use it...
Here's the change from the original. it opens up to another 2 more photos which I wanted to put in. :)

That's about it. But I guess I should just mention that I gave this to my dd. But it's being paraded at my room. Hahahaha. Cos leaving anything in his room is just collecting dust. Wahaha. And he totally agrees. See? Well, at least the handmade bear I gave him last time IS collecting dust now! And he isn't going to do anything about it. Tsk. (Ok, and I am not doing anything too since I've already given it to him. Hahaha...)

But this one is toooooo darling to get dusty. It's such a joy to see it!


sharon said...

Oooohhh ... looks like u really managed to finish it in time eh ?? Hope your Dearest liked it .. heaps of hard work and love in finishing it .. and the end product is really lovely... :)

Anonymous said...

oh, i didn't have a chance to go for this class. but it was great seeing what u have done! lots of hard work but i am sure your dearest one will like it.