Feedback And A Paper RAK!

* EDITED TO ADD on 10/10/2010*
I've changed the format of the comment box - does it help? If anyone can just pop by and let me know, I'd be very much appreciative... If you cant get through the comment box, please email me at ok?
P/S: Thanks Eva & Sandy, if you are reading this post, thank you for sharing with me what went wrong... I've now changed the format - hope that helps to solve the problem!

It's been sometime since I've given RAKs on my site, and I thought I wanted to share some love with all... So here goes~

I realised from some fellow bloggers that they found my comments box very difficult to load.... Hence would like some feedback from you. I've tried to load the page from my friend's account and it was okay for me....

Please leave me a comment about my comment box - is it difficult to load?
I will choose one lucky winner on 1st Nov 2010 to win the RAK! Comments from international friends are welcomed!


Pearl said...

Hi Stacy !

yes I've had problems leaving a comment before .

Hopefully its okay now ! ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Stacy,

I've no problem posting a comment on your blog (at least for this time):D

Have been visiting your blog on a regular basis for quite sometime.. are you stacy mdm from ahs guides? hhaha..

Thanks for all your inspirational creations!! im loving themmmmm....

Sandy Ang said...

It's a breeze to comment now that you've selected a separate comment window.

Anonymous said...

Oh your RAK is still open? Yippee! :) I love RAKs :) Thank you for dropping by my space and saying hi! Now it is super easy to leave a little love on your blog-o ... totally great! :)