ICS #116: H is for Happy Everything!

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Just returned to Singapore, and everything is a mad rush to close things up - at work and at home.

Scrapping is really my little outlet, just to relieve myself of all the stress and to be myself once more.

Here's a little birthday card I've created with the Sketch from ICS, and hope it inspires you too!

DEADLINE: May 31st at 11:59 pm Central Standard Time USA


My Creation 
H is for Happy Everything! - Cover

H is for Happy Everything! - Inside
There is never an enough for birthday cards. You'll be needing them, somehow last minute, some birthdays pop up and you'll be frantically looking for a perfect card for the receiver.

I always keep a stash of birthday cards - and I want them to be ready when I need them.
Hence, I always try to decorate the insides while I'm at the front cover, that way, I won't panic when it's a last minute birthday card that I need. :)

Hope you like it!

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