Life always has ups and downs...

And friendships come and go...

Sometimes life gets pretty, meet new friends and then after a while, the novelty runs out and then life turns to a dark side.. Do you ever encounter this?

Sometimes friends take you for granted and you feel so sad and disappointed. You are expected to buy gifts for them or to do certain things for them yet the counter is rarely being observed. It's not being picky on equal terms, but when it's like a see-saw that never goes the other way, friendship tends to get a little tense.

I had 2 experience over this week. Both had made my life a little duller.

On a happier note, today's vintage tale class sparked me up a lot! We finished the box today and happy to know that one is doing a photo album using the similar technique! And the covers were gorgeous! Yummy!

That's just why I scrap everyday.

And dd has given me a lovely surprise to "tip-top" my day... So it just isn't that bad afterall...

How was your day? If it wasn't that good, stay positive because something better will come along soon!

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