There is always a reason for everything..

Earlier on I had the weirdest dream ever. It went like this: I was on the ferry. It was old fashioned and it was small. There were lots of people in the ferry, none whom I recognized. I didnt know where i was heading to.. And on the boat ride, I remembered I needed to call my grandmother, so I took my hp out, only to realize that there was no reception. So I held on to my hp, to remind me when I reach the terminal. Once docked, I was the first one out, and a father n kid was heading into the ferry while we were trying to exit. The little kid then knocked into me and there went my wallet and iPhone into the water. I was panicking and thinking that I didn't know where I was and wanted to call home. Without the phone I was so lost. And I cried and ask the guards to help. Then in panic mode, I woke up. I was terrified.

Today i was at AR and dropped my iphone because i was trying to sms my best friend. But i cant switch it on after. I stared at the blank screen and went blank. Luckily Don helped me press some buttons and tada! The iphone came back to life! Thankful for such a helpful handyman!

Then I was having dinner downstairs my home as usual. Joking with the staff and having my usual iced coffee. Then I went home. 3 hours later, I panic because my iPad was missing. My tears flowed because I know that I will never find it back. I used the app to find my iPad and it shows me that it was in a block near my house. I frantically went downstairs to check it out for nearly an hour. As a last resort, I used the app messaging to msg my iPad and hopefully the person who found it will return to me instead of switching it off. 10mins later, I was crying and worried. The iPad was a gift from my dd and if this was missing, he'd surely be mad at me...

Then a call came in. It was the staff from the coffee shop... And I woke him up from his sleep... Oops!

I can't tell u how thankful about how honest he was. I am grateful to him.

I thank today for being such a lucky day. I know I won't be so lucky everytime. I'm grateful for the honest and helpful people ard my life...


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