A long & "疯度"day! :)

It's been a long day for me today! Preparations of Vintage Tale took some time but the final products are worth it.. Its been lovely to see the finished products from the students! Especially seeing the students from Coptic binding class returning to do the double Coptic binding! And they've all done me proud. You should have seen the stitches - all so neat and tight! The new students were also amazing.. The chipboard cutting was so worth the effort! Here's the mess of all the preparations... Hehe!

Now as I eat my dinner, I kept thinking of how to make a 12x12 wedding album for Jean's niece, who is getting married this Friday... Time is short so I'll be getting the stuffs tml and start on it... I'm so excited for her! :) will show u how pretty she is soon... Lol! I loved her wedding pics! Wished I had more time to look through her photos.... Such a sweet lady!

So now I'm going home and hopefully get ideas on the album so I can finish by tml or Thursday! Yay!

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