Life Happens, Works ongoing, Steampunk Easel

Phew! Had been a hectic but fulfilling week.. Of course there were painful ones but it did get better...

Met up with my poly club teacher n friend at NEX earlier this week. Can't tell u how much I missed them and it felt great to see them! Of course they had to give me a good "suan-ing" session but well I think I can make that suan into sweet haha!

Like i said there were some painful moments... And it happened when i cut chipboards while preparing for class... With a razor sharp penknife. To top the pain was a hammer right into my thumb on the very same hand. Well done for dis-coordination haha! Totally suffering. 2+ hrs of bleeding n a bump on my thumb. Shiok lah. But to complement the pain, had to use my favorite doraemon plaster lol!

Today I met up Stella at AR to complete the vintage tale box. Waah her box was an exact dimension! Closed so nicely and everything fell in place so well. Can't wait for her to finish up and I'm sure it'll be gorgeous! Had great fun with Stella today... :)

Here's dedicated to my best friend ever: no doubt we still wonder why u helped me collect notes during poly days when I was hospitalized, I'm still glad it happened. And for the phone call which came suddenly for Dinner... Although I can't tahan the fact that u are quite gd at negative teaching, haha, but unfortunately it did work on me. Lol! Love u, and I can't wait for monday.

Ok now time for more updates for my upcoming classes... For boxing day and boxing day only, I'm having an express class Steampunk Easel! Check out AR's website for more details. Limited places only, so act fast hor...

This weekend,I will be having 2 classes of Vintage Tales and Woody Splendor and I'm excited! Did i post photos on Woody Splendor yet? Haha if not here goes!

Amidst all the classes and of course looking forward to meeting my best-est friends next week, I'm saving some energy on an organizer project in the meantime... Coming up very soon! So keep posted! :) It's the weekends already so have a great weekend!

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