Reverie Class

It's been a hectic day, running the daily chores for my grandmother and helping her to settle the new maid's employment issues. Well, it's just a little bit that I can do for her, and I dont know why but it makes me tiredly happy. Of course, I also get to eat Chinese New Year goodies while at her house, so it's all worth it~ hehe..

Reverie has finally been packed and ready for the next 2 classes. I just got news that another class is opening in early Feb, and I am currently also working on my next 2 projects - which explains why I'm still up at this ungodly hour of 5am. Hehe.. Been working on class preparations, re-examining my instruction sheets and touching on my 2 projects. At least the first 2 are completed, and I'm all set for the next 2 classes on Friday (which is later) and Saturday.

So there. I'm looking forward to seeing you in class! :) Oh yah and there is a book binding technique class going on - so catch it while its there! it's going to be an enriching experience to add to your scrapbooking hobby!

Till then, I might have to catch some teeny weeny bit of sleep first~

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