You're the Best

Today I'm inspired by the umbrella sitting on my table. Somehow the colors are so making me feel something. Do you also get influenced by objects laying around? That's why I have so many stuff sitting pretty in my room. Sometimes they just get in the way of my scrapping. Other times they inspire me!

See how pretty Miss Anya sits beside the umbrella? So dainty! I cant get enough of her! One day I might want to perm my hair just like hers. Haha, for now, I'm keeping my straight hair first though. I'm not brave enough.

Always when I use Miss Anya stamps, I'm happy. It's unknown why I choose her over other TGF stamps, because I use TGF stamps quite a bit. Even have a collection of digital ones. But I rather lift her out more than usual. She's like my best friend now.

stash collection
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TGF - Miss Anya

Entering this card for the following challenge~

I'm getting my hands busy on my next 3 projects for the time being. Somehow I cant bear to leave the projects up at 90% and neglect the 10% to complete the project. Hehe. Altered art is such a chore but the satisfaction is more than ever. :) 

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