AR Display Re-newal + New Classes

Ho Ho Ho~ Ok, it's not Xmas i know. But I'm very excited to see a brand new display up at The Art Republic~ Remember the old one? I'm feeling so sad to tear it down, this was what it was when I first knew AR. Oh well, of course, the old goes and new comes, and a new display for a prosperous 2012~

Kinda miss it! So this is the black and white before... Sophia and I each went back to do some LOs for the wall, and here's my pieces...

Kinda rusty with LOs, lol~ But Pion Design Papers are quite good to use - they're all so pretty! And so with the LOs done up, Sophia and I began tearing down the wall... :p

And of course, our dear mother is taking my ugly photos. :) Very un-glam~

While fitting in the pieces, I'm in charge of the placement whilst Sophia and Jean tell me what to change. Haha. It was really fun being confused with the lefts and rights and moving up and down!

The final was really amazing. Jean and Sophia really has a way with the placements - it looks fabulous~

Pardon me for the lousy photos, because they were taken by my iphone, and the quality isn't that good.  If you happen to be around, why not pop over to AR and have a look at the new display? Hope it'll give you a refreshing feeling! And we will still be doing some re-vamp here and there, so you might be catching something new~

And of course, the next 2 projects up already.

Express Class: Love Token
Make your love token from scratch~

An add-on to Sophia's Roche Box - Great for guest books or photo albums!

So that's one more reason for you to hop down to AR now. :) See you there!

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Anonymous said...

Great photos to document the moments. I had fun.