Capture Photos. Re-live Memories

It was a day out with my secondary mate, and she has taken about a million photos that day. (She's a photographer - and a very good one!) Tiring I remember, and being a "model" really wasn't easy. We went to a couple of places. This one right at the car. And I was trying to scan the million photos, thinking and laughing about the crazy moments that very day. We spoke of Saga Seeds, and of our memories in Secondary School. Special indeed.

And for the fun of a black CS challenge at Moments Recorded, I've decided to use this photo for LO.

Capture Photos . Re-live Memories

Close Ups

The very pieces of scraps left behind from Kristy's class. And I tot I'll utilize them to make LOs. Great for the theme.

Entering it for the challenge~
Moments Recorded - March Challenge 2012 (Black CS) by Blessed Alicia

First time attempting embossing, and using transparencies on LOs, and kind of rusty with the placements. I took 2 full days for this. Tiring but fun. Think I must do more LOs to practice. But first, someone please bring me out for photo taking~ 

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Anonymous said...

i love the photo..
And the colour your choose for your layout. Great work