A Little Bear

Today I was so bored waiting for a friend at PS. and so while shopping around, I decided to get myself a little something. It was really little. I mean it cost me $2.50 and it's like 3cm tall.

When I bought it, I thought it looks cute but naked. Haha. So I came home and decided to alter it a little.

Using less than an inch of waste ribbon and lace, and some metal findings, I did managed to dress it up and I found it quite cute. Haha, influenced by a fellow designer at AR - Emen! He's a bear making expert!

Here's my altered bear:

I did realised that it wasn't easy to capture photos of bears. Because they have a vision line, I've to move the camera quite a bit before I can get my little bear to look at the camera. I must have taken a million photos.

I'm considering adding this to my iphone casing when I find one that is appropriate. She's such a sweet one now sitting on my bed. Hope I don't crush her tonight! :)

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