Last Day of Freedom

and well, tomorrow's going to be a work day for me. I'm starting work officially. Feeling's quite mixed. I remembered I did quit my regional job so I can settle down with my dd. But as time went on, settling down seems too far away. I'm not sure if this job will suit me. But with a hopeful heart, I'm going to work tomorrow.

I remembered how I always missed my dd when he travels. LOL, he travelling and me travelling. I wont be surprised one day to meet him in one of the countries...

Inspired by Moments Recorded which is hosted by Jie Ying, here's my layout of the memories of those days. Really quite some time back. Edited the photo since it was used before.

Had to mute out his photo and the sentiments... :) My dd "blog-shy" lol~

This challenge was really fun because there are 100 rules.. LOL ok kidding~ But because there were so many guidelines, it's what I really call a challenge~ and it's fun!

So there! Need to get some beauty sleep and be fresh for work tomorrow~!

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