One thing leads to another - Altered Pin Cushion

And so I've been away from blog land for some time. Well, I had a sorta good excuse.

Some good news. I have started work in a new environment since 16th April and was busy trying to settle all the little things on hand. But it seems to be escalating..

So it started... Erm.. Was it decorating AR? Haha, and so Mommy S said something about Arab street.. Or was it J? Haha either way, it was agreed for us to plan a trip down.

Then we started the trip with clothes shopping.. Then bags... Then accessories..

Finally we started the street with all the little trinkets and ribbons. It's quite difficult to not stop at the shops because there are so many nice things around.. We ended up buying ribbons and laces... :) bad day for our pockets...

We had so many ideas along the way and I enjoyed myself so much with the company of someone who talks craft! Haha. Overflowing ideas!

Somehow that led me to taking out one of my flower making books.. I just thought it would be good to make use of some tricks in there for my newly purchased ribbons. Brought it to show Mommy S and she had some crazy ideas about pincushions.. At first I thought she must be influenced by just the flowers; who knew my book actually had some pictures and instructions on pincushions!

Then I really had a second look at the book in a different light...

So what started out as a normal conversation brought us to Arab street, which got us some ribbons, to make some nice flowers and with the book came this:

It's an altered box, and made into a pin cushion. Here I've used lots of lace and cloth and stuffing, and of  course my favourite papers from Simple Stories - Documented Series. These little tags are so useful in every single book I've made so far, and also in this mini starburst album I did, enclosed in the box below my pin cushion.

So much talk for ribbons and pin cushions~ And now I've several to my collection, one of them handmade by Mommy S, and treasured very much! :)

I'm in love with dolls now~ And to end this post, I'm sharing my collection of dolls~ :) Seeya soon~

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