Simple Stories "Documented" Projects [June 2012]

I think I must have bought at least 3 sets of each series. :D Somehow I am drawn to the colors and the simplicity of each series, and recently in use - Documented~

Smash Book
When I travel, I like to take notes. The same with my daily routine life. That's why I like to make books, to document every single aspect of my life. I like the idea of pasting my photos or to write my ramblings, hence I like the availability of space in the SS documented series. Using double coptic binding to bind this book, i added elements of different sizes to incorporate into my likings, and also to decoupage the covers with the pretty elements. I chose to do book binding because I feel that the 4x6 vertical and horizontal elements gave me that inspiration. I'm so excited to be introducing this as my next class as well! :)

Mini Starburst
A while ago, I did a larger Christmas Starbust project and a travel Starburst. I like the versatility of the album and how it fans out to display a star shape.

With the new SS documented series, I decided to make a smaller starburst because I simply love the smaller tag elements~ Love love love~

Altered Water Bottle
Recently, I bought a water bottle from MUJI, which allows me to decoupage and add to my bottle, which I use very much every day in the office. (I made a similiar one for my cousin in a Starbucks Bottle too!) I just like how simple it is~

I've had fun with the series, and I'm already halfway using summer fresh series. Somehow the SS series have given me room to grow... Hence June has been really filled with "documented" - feeling fulfilled~ :) Do check out SS blog for more inspirations~

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