29 August 2012


It's been some while, and I'm re-adjusting to the new life, new job. Not very successful so far, but I'd say a good attempt I hope. Granny has a relapse of colon cancer, and that piece of news has greatly dampened my spirits and mood. Just within a year. So the saying goes, all bad news comes in a pair, my favorite teacher is also struggling with dizzy spells and more check ups.

Amidst the bad news and busy lifestyle, I'm glad to have little moments to myself (though it's getting lesser and lesser) and just blank my brain out for a second.

Recently, I've been just doodling. I'm not quite good at art in school though, so these doodles can really frustrate you, so I did warn u. :) but in these doodles, I realized it did help me stay quite sane in the midst of all the hecticness...

I hope u're still hanging around! :)

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