Book Binding History

In view of the recent craze I have with book binding, I thought I might want to share how my love for book binding started. Lots of people asked me where I learnt my book binding from. Was it from books or was it from youtube?

For those who has attended my class before, you will realise that my binding methods are never the same from what you will learn from books. I change my binding methods to suit the project I am doing or because I improvise on the book binding methods. At the end of the day, I really want bindings to suit my purpose, and not the other way round.

I started book binding since young. Probably 5 or 6 years old, I cant really remember. I used to be a brat, running all around and while other mothers had princesses, I was my mom's tomboy. In many ways I was really like a guy, and hence my aunt decided to make me learn paitience. She made me learn cross stitch, and book binding to train my tolerance and paitience. It was torturing in the past I admit. But now looking back, I'm glad for all the hours I spent doing it. If you recall, schools usually make us buy more exercise books than we can use. I used to remove the staples from the exercise books and sew. Then I would ask my dad to buy me stickers and I would decorate the pages.

Nowadays there are so many different forms of binding methods that simply amazes me. I love the many different forms and how bookbinders get together to make pretty books. My joy in book binding never decreases. Now with scrapbooking, all I enjoy after a hard day at work would be to create scrapbook albums with details of sewing or simply spend a weekend afternoon doing bookbinding and exploring new ways to bind.

Hope to hear from you if you love bookbinding as well :) This community has been so amazing! Do check out my facebook page-Doraecyscraps ( for the hand made books I did. :)

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Katie Z. said...

Popping by to say hi... Amazing bookbinding techniques!!! Wanted to learn some from you, your class is always full!!! >.<