Keeping Zen

Today I write this post because something had happened recently. To the point where I am stepping up to voice my thoughts because I know I have some great scrappy pals who were very supportive and a oblivious person who is copying my designs and thinks there is nothing wrong.
No, I am not angry at you for copying my designs only because I choose to be zen about the whole matter.
In fact, I know who you are, your name and your social networks. The internet is a big world but yes I know who you are. It is not hard to search for you since you keep appearing in my social network circle.
You know why I started my passion in scrapbooking? If it were to make money, then I guess I wont be here up till today. But no. I started off purely with the love to create something special, like a fashion designer designing clothes or an architect designing a building. I stay true to my designs because they are my creations. Like a baby to a mom, my creations are my babies. To see my baby being stolen away and others claiming her as their babies is not what I can tolerate.
Throughout this whole event, there were many times I felt injustice to see my project being credited under someone else. There is zero tolerance to infringement of designs to any designer.
You need to realize that making money out of scrapbooking is viable but you will need to have your own style and own means to design. How can you lead a life of copying and shortchange the designers of their credit? It doesnt cost you to credit the designers but your choice of copying costs you your character and morals.
I will choose to lead a life of zen. While I can battle with you head on and exposing your details, I shall not do so. This is against my morals as a scrapbook designer and I shall not stoop to this kind of levels. Therefore this post is dedicated to you in hope you can change for the better as the scrapbooking world needs purer and better people to make it a better community.
So I shall leave this episode to a closure. I have said my peace, and hope you realise the basic ethics on scrapbooking. Me on the other hand will continue to scrapbook and create better designs, in hope to continue inspiring the community. As I venture on, I still promise to keep the basic ethics and morals involved in scrapbooking. This is what each of us can do, to keep the scrapbooking world more vibrant.
Before I end it all, I wish to thank all the people who have encouraged me during this period of time. You know who you are. I am grateful that the scrapbooking world has peeps like you around to uphold the basic ethics and protect the designers.

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