MWL Workshops: Flexible Spine Album

Alongside with a re-run of the Love Guest Book, I am holding a new class which allows you to change the booklets inside as and when you want it! Another easy binding incorporated in this class!

Project Title : Flexi Spine Journal

Description : Make your very own notebook suitable for daily recording and change according to your preference. Learn simple binding technique (Saddle Stitch Binding) and flexible spine structure in this project.

Techniques Learnt: Sadle Stitch Binding, bookbinding, flexible spine album construction, Sizzix

Now, don't forget to check out the other new projects by the other instructors as well, because they are AMAZING! 

Oh yes, and before all the slots get taken up, Big Shot Party! Book your slot now before it gets all full~ :) You won't want to miss this! 

See you at Made with Love :)

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