Book Binding: Criss Cross & Long Stitch Binding

Just for fun, I decided to play around with more book binding again. Inspired by the German style of binding and re-adapted it to suit my binding mood today.

Looks like I am addicted to it for some reason, and it is fun to see how different the stitching looks like with different threads. 

I am using my favourite Simple Stories papers from "I am" collection. The polaroid frames are apt in this type of binding, where i could wrap the leather strap around the frame to create an insert for different titles on the front cover.

Hope you liked it!


Caroline said...


Spotlight do sell bee wax candle. It cost about $5 plus for a small piece. It is located at the sewing section :)

Stacy said...

Hi! So you did manage to find it! Great! 😊 Enjoy the stitching!

Caroline said...

Hello Stacy,

It's me again. I did a revision on the criss cross book binding.
I used foam paper and layered the top with paper.
I used 70gram papers. Each batch is 4 pieces folded.
I used doodlebug twing as this is what I can find at home.
After stitching everything, I feel that the book is abit thin.
And also, the cover does not close. It remained apart.
Could you share with me why is my booklet like that?

Stacy said...

hi Caroline, the book is thin cos you used 70gsm papers which are considered very thin. so if you use 70gsm papers then you will have to consider more sections in order to achieve the height.

I could share a few reasons why your cover does not close, but that really depends what you mean by that. perhaps you would like to bring it down on your next class so I can advise better?

Caroline said...

Ok sure! Thank you for your help!