Maya Road: Time Flies - Constructed Clock Piece

It's my turn again up on Maya Road blog with a home decor - constructed clock piece - today. 

By chance, I happened to be in Ikea a while back, and I stared at this clock for nearly 15 minutes. It costs me less than SGD1.50 and I was wondering if I could alter it.

After bringing it back home, I started digging into my supplies and found the inspiration to dismantle it instead! The tomboy in me started to dismantle whatever I can lay my hands on, again. 

Using Maya Road Chipboard Book - dress form, I took out the piece with the bottom stand for this project. This time round, I decided to use napkin decoupage for a softer look.

A maya road mask (I must have used this many times over!) - Soar Butterfly Mask - was added to create the wings for my dress form. This mask is repainted with gold and sealed with a paint sealant. 

I then made a hole in the center of the dress form to encase the clock in the center. 

Items used:

MR Chipboard Book - Dressform
MR Time Flies Clock Transparencies - Black
MR Metal Arrow Clips

Hand make a home decor piece for your home today. Swing over to Maya Road Blog more pictures and details. Have fun!

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