MWL: MWL Team Challenge

It all started with our "itch" for scrapping LOs! Yes, there are many newer techniques out there right now, so many scrappers who are technique hungry. As an instructor, I am also always trying out new things and new methods, incorporating into my classes as well.

I thank those times when i started scrapbooking. I remembered those times, when i first stepped into MWL (looking really confused) and admiring all the pretty papers. Then a fellow colleague asked me if i could attend a beginners class with her in MWL. I thought why not? I still think it was the most important lesson in my life.

In that class, we were given a colored A4 size paper printed in black ink, and i could always remember how it looked like. (Those days printing technologies were limited!) There was a section explaining basic tools (very important! You will be surprised how many people don't know how to use a cutter properly or how fussy cutting can be easier with a small tip!) and a section on colors and proportion/ balance.

No matter where i venture into right now, these golden rules abide by me all the time. These are the basic necessities of creating, no matter if it is a layout or album, or even altered arts. Any art form starts with basic colors and proportions, and these are important basic foundations that will stick to you for a long, long time. Of course, the next step is practise and i can never emphasize this enough, and as the saying goes "Practise makes perfect!"

Today, i look back at my crafting journey and i smile. I know that i have learnt, and grew and built it up on top of the basic foundations i had (and i appreciate!)

Honestly, i still miss the times when i had a hammer and eyelet setting tool in that metal box (i still have that! Though the box is rusty now..) or when making memories was an important name to many scrappers.

Now, i am teaching Scrapbook Basics at the very same place that got me to start scrapbooking. I hope to depart the importance of color, balance and proportion to the newer scrappers as well!

So, going back to basics, we decided we needed our very own MWL team challenge! Theme : me, myself and I. Rules were simple, no mediums, just plain scrapbooking - the way it should be! 

So here's my take with this challenge, do check out the store this month! To my fellow MWL mates, i am looking forward to seeing your take! 

Here's a close up on the title. I layered the same alphabets "y","m" and "i" in order to create a more dimensional look to the title. Additionally, I added a transparency behind the alphabets. 

I love this heart embellishment from Maya Road, it's my current favorite embellishment to use, and versatile for almost all cases! :) Did you see the stitching? I can't get enough of it recently. Even in my layouts. It also creates a more significant contrast between the gold and white sun burst background. 

Hope this inspires you to craft, once in a while, to go back to basics and enjoy the fruits of the labour! :)

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