MWL: Handmade Organizer

Today I would like to share a handmade notebook inspired by the recent craze of Midori traveller's notebook. As most would know, I am a constant traveller and always in need of a notebook or two to document the journey. What I also like is the possibility to include different notebooks in 1 organizer which I can freely design according to the theme of use.
That's why I always insist to make my own notebooks, such that I can design different themes for different purposes. Make your organizer at your own desire - that's what makes handmade notebooks special!
This time round, I have decided to use a transparent cover. I love this transparency - it helps to showcase the pretty notebooks within, and is sturdy enough to hold the structure.
Here's my take on the organizer:

Each of the notebooks inside this organizer were hand sewn with saddle stitch, or more commonly known as pamphlet stitch. It's easy and fast, and the pages inside can be switched with water color paper or other papers suitable for calligraphy use. Like I mentioned before, the possibilities are endless. Vary it according to your preference and style, and create an organizer of your own!
It is not that difficult to make your very own organizer after all! :)
Supplies used are available at Made With Love. Do also check out Made With Love for more book binding class schedules! :)

See you around and stay creative!

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