MR DT: Explosion Box

Hi Roadies! It's me, Stacy on the Maya Road blog today! 

I have been a great fan of making explosion boxes, because they are fun and always manage to surprise the receiver! There are a numerous of them in my collection now, waiting to be gifted to someone special! I find that explosion boxes gives a great wow factor, and allows me to include some precious photo memories! Sometimes, I find myself adding more journalling or hiding a letter somewhere in the explosion box, waiting for the receiver to go through every section and be amused with the elements!

A glance into the top cover. I like to use frame die-cuts because they help to enhance an element which is of interest. In this case, I used the scallop frame ATC die to enhance my current favorite embellishment - the tulle flowers. In this project, I made use of 2 sizes. Love how easy it is to use these flowers in almost every project!

Since the other embellishments like the royal key charm and Vintage Art Supplies charms are gold, I decided to spray some gold paint onto the royal crown clip in order to match the overall color in my project. It is this easy to alter the colors according to your preference!

Another embellishment I totally love are these acrylic tokens! I like how subtle they are! In this case, I have also layered it against the mini wood pieces, don't they look amazing layered together?

On the other side of the cover, I made use of the other piece from the scallop frame ATC die to highlight some words. In addition, try adding the mini pom pom trims to ends of covers - it immediately highlights and brightens the entire project! I simply can't get enough of these trims! It is also sturdy enough to withstand the opening and closing of the explosion box. I love it when art supplies are beautiful and useful at one time!

Viola! It opens out with an array of panels good for photos and journaling! 

Each of the panels open up to showcase a mini card in all 4 sections. It is simple to achieve these cards with the Maya Road Dies! The dies cut through gold foil nicely! MR has just made it all so easy to create these pieces - simply add the ATC pieces to some card bases! I have also topped it up with the XO Heart Die. This die set is so pretty, especially with the stitched border around the heart piece.

Last but not least, more mini tulle flowers to add interest to the entire explosion box! I added a sewing pin to the side of the tulle flower, and you can add twines or cord to the eye of the sewing needle to create attention as well! This area is a good place to hold a key photo, since this is the centre where the explosion box opens up to. I left it empty for now, good to add photos when the need arises! :)

Maya Road Supplies Used: 
  • Acrylic Tokens

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