Stickiemail: Aug ATC & Wood Letter Template (with a little tutorial)

Hello crafters! What have you been creative with recently? Today I would like to share some ATCs I had done for Aug ATC Swap in a local facebook group. For those new to ATCs, they are artist trading cards which measures 2.5" x 3.5". Small but they pack a whole lot of details.

I have been swapping for around 3 years now. What I enjoy through the swaps is to receive another crafter's creation. I like the surprises I get when I see other's impression of the theme. 

For the August swap, theme was Singapore. Of course, this was also the month we Singaporeans celebrate our nation's 51st birthday!

Here was what I have created for the swap.

Oh yes, I drew that merlion multiple times on different pattern papers and cut them out in pieces. Then i re-arranged them to different cards. I love that the merlion becomes so colorful! I also prepared some red card bases and die-cut the array of houses and alphas "Home". 

I am also using a mini heart wood veneer on each of the card. With so many small pieces lying around, I must really say that my 3" Xyron is a life saver! It helps to consolidate all those smaller pieces on 1 sticker sheet, so they will never go missing! Of course, it also serves a main purpose of giving full sticky coverage to my die-cuts or wood veneers and I never have to worry about them falling apart when they reach to the recipient. I love especially to use this with my finer die cuts, like the alphas and the houses. Trust me, I really don't have such angelic fingers for such fine adhesive work. Ha!

Yes, you can pass wood veneers through the 3" Xyron. Gosh, I was so excited to run my veneers through! 

Now that my ATCs were all done, it is time to pack them for the host, who will distribute all the ATCs to the respective recipients.

I must say, snail mail is still my kind of thing! I like to make envelopes and mail them to recipients, since I always like to receive a pretty mail myself. Here, I have prepared a pattern paper, a vellum and my favorite letter template from Stickiemail! This wood letter template comes in large and small sizes, and I am using the large one today. 

Making the envelope was easy, just trace! This size was just the right size for all my ATCs!

Now with 1 outer envelope and one inner envelope, I can go ahead to fit all these together!

Wondering how I get 2 envelopes with slightly different size from one wood letter template? Yes the vellum envelope is slightly larger than the pattern paper envelope. The trick is in the way you trace from the template.

When you are tracing from your template, slant your pencil like what you see from the above template. This results in a slightly wider envelope! This way, you can also layer 2 envelopes together, creating a safer snail mail for your handmade items!

Viola! That's my trick to expand the use of the wood letter template!

Now it's ready, packed and mailed to my recipient! Hope you enjoyed the walk through my envelope process today!

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