Crochet Basket Tutorial

On my last post, I posted a little crochet basket as part of my Mayaroad project and I have had mails and requests to share my crochet pattern. So I figured I would do a blog post tonight, and hope the instructions make sense to you.

I came up with it rather randomly actually, after drawing in my traveller's notebook and figuring it out along the way. There were 3 parts to it - base, body1 and Body2.

Base (5mm crochet hook, jute thread combined with jute and twine thread) 
I started by the chain stitch (8), chain stitch again (1) and then single crochet on the 8 chain stitches (8). Then I turned the work, starting with a chain stitch (1) and continued the single crochet (8). I did this up to row 10, you can experiment with the necessary length / height up to your desired base size.

Row 0: ch (8)
Row 1-10: ch (1) sc (8)

Body1 (5mm crochet hook, jute thread combined with jute and twine thread)
The body is done going round the circumference of the base. I started with a chain stitch (1) and single crochet (8+10+8+10=36). To finish this up, I did a slip stitch (1).
On the next row, repeat. You can do up till your desired height before changing to another thread. I did this for 4 rows because I ran out of jute!

Row 11-14: ch (1), sc (36), sl st (1)

Body 2 (3.5mm crochet hook, white yarn)
Now this part was really by experiment. Vary the double crochet if your thread is thicker, mine fitted well with double crochet. That gives it 72 crochet stitches. If your thread is thicker, you may want to try single, double, single, double etc until the end. This would give it 52 stitches. 

Row 15: ch (1), dc (72), sl st (1)
Row 16-19: ch (1), sc (72), sl st (1)

Really, none of it was planned. I just did the math by drawing in my traveller's notebook and decided to play around with that idea one day. Here is what was written on my traveller's notebook. I keep a notebook where I jot down my thoughts or creative ideas on the go.

Does it make sense to you? Let me know if it helps and I hope you try it out too! 

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cghundley said...

Thanks for posting
this. I'm taking a
crochet class tomorrow
and hopefully I'll learn
how to do something like
Carla from Utah