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Hi everyone! Today I am up as MWL DT member, sharing about one of our workshops - Scrapbook Basics. This workshop is very close to my heart. It is also what got me hooked to scrapbooking and documenting my daily life right now.

14 years ago, I was attracted to a beautiful shop named Made With Love. On my first visit, I remembered feeling lost, because I did not know what to buy nor how to get started. The projects on display were so pretty and I really hoped one day I could do something like that. So I took the first step to attend a workshop - Scrapbook Basics (previously known as Just Getting Started).

Yes, stepping into the workshop then was probably the best choice I ever made. That was the start of one project to another, and it led me to where I am now, teaching the very same workshop which got me started. I am a true believer of 2 things - foundations and practise. Foundations provide a base of information, and practise brings one to greater levels.

Scrapbook Basics covers 3 important sections to aid your journey into scrapbooking. 

Firstly, introduction of tools and essential scrapbooking terms. How did scrapbooking come about, and why we scrap? What is the difference between a scrapbooking shop and a stationery shop? What do we need to start making a layout? In this first section of the workshop, we will cover the necessary terms and items to get started.

Next, how do we get started with a layout? What makes a layout? What styles bring out the photograph? How to highlight the story you want to tell? In the second portion of the class, we discuss composition guidelines, and how to get started on a 12" x 12" page. 

Last but not least, the workshop isn't complete until you give it a try! Nothing beats having to try out what you have learnt, and the hands on practise will allow you to understand the theory learnt.

At Made With Love, we prepare you for what comes next. Be it scrapbooking layouts, mixed media work, altered art or album making, this first step will help you embrace your next part of the creative journey. 

Scrapbook Basics Workshop costs $45 for 2.5 hours of informative and fun experience! Products and supplies are provided for this workshop, just bring along 2-3 4R photos.

Check out the workshop samples which are on display in the store!
Made With Love is located at
B2-08, 313 Somerset, Orchard Road
Tel : 67337630
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Thanks for joining me today and have a great CNY week ahead! 

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