I mentioned in my previous posts about my dear students taking examinations soon and have also made some cards for them. And then I realised that it's going to be Children's day pretty soon! I'm gonna need to kick my butt for nearly forgetting! 

So my last ingredient - lollipops! Somehow this always works with children - and teenagers - ok I lose, and me. :)

Inspired by Meljen's Recipe Challenge and such a wonderful freebie on monday!
Argh! And after taking all the pictures, I realised that the 3rd brad can't be seen! Waahh!! It's actually the most important brad, holding the ribbon and the card in place right at the middle top! It's hidden by my beautiful flowers!
So there - 3 Brads, 2 flowers, 1 ribbon and I added a lollipop!

Here's what I "cooked" :

A flower lollipop!
Ok I should probably mention these are tongue stainers too. Come'on, which kid doesn't like to show their parents some green / red / blue tongue? *Wink*

It's quite simple and I reckon it could be done with larger lollipops as well.

First you cut the flowers and make a hole in the centre.
My advice is to make a slightly smaller than lollipop stick hole so that you can slowly twist it upwards and it wont fall down easily.
This time I made 2 flowers, on on top of the other - isn't the flower from Meljen cute?
Then I tied the ribbon to the stick and the small tag.
That's most of the job done!

The base is a simple styrofoam cube, and dressed with papers on the outside. Just make a hole with the lollipop and there you have it!
Simply wrap with cellophane or plastic wrapper and twist some wires / ribbons / clips, then it's ready as a gift! :)


Nicole said...

OH my, Stacy, this is just tooooooooo cute! Love the added meljen flower!! Double Thanks for sharing your talent with us at Meljen's Designs!! Nicole - MD DTC

Sandy Ang said...

Love this ! Looks deceptively simple.

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