Roller Coaster Happiness!

Be prepared this post might overrun a little - I'm overwhelmed with happiness!!!

And so I woke up today, feeling really happy because it is the special day for my dd and me. It's been 3 years - and even though he is not in the country this year, I can feel his presence beside me. :) And he said he wanted to bring me to Taiwan! How sweet! Hahaha - and he also told me that he don't know how to keep the cards I made for him - and so why not I help him keep.. LOL, I think his next present would be a box. Hahaha. That makes the anniversary present a lot easier this time round... Hahaha...

Then I also received news on moving on. That was why I was not blogging for some days now - I was busy signing the new contract and clearing things at my current work place. Though I cant mention anything much now, I can say that I'm glad to find the new job and I'll be having a very different job scope. But sad to leave some of the wonderful colleagues here... This is life...

Today happens to be my best friend's birthday as well - here's to you Jaze - Happy Birthday! I've already sent u an SMS and I didn't forget!

Well, enough rambling about my roller coaster life - but there's more good news!

Over at LCOM Sketch 4, I was thrilled to see my creation picked! Woot! Thank you LCOM you made my day! Do give a try for Sketch 5 - it is going to be "sew" fun! :)

This week has been a wonderful week so far - I love to be part of all the fun in the scrapbooking arena and thank you - to all of you - for making my days so inspired and motivated. :)

Dont forget - RAK's still on - So dont forget to leave a comment in here for a chance to win!


Before I go - I'm leaving some replies for the comments left by my dear friends!

It's been a long while since someone called me mdm! hahaha! Yes I'm from AHS GG last time... (Wow so long ago!) You actually found me! So glad! Please email me, I think we need to catch up! :) I'm so glad to know you've all along been around! You should have emailed me earlier! :)

Pearl, Sandy
Thanks for telling me that the comment box is ok now... It's a huge relieve... Sorry I didn't know what happened before, hope now the problem's solved! :) Sandy, I've went shopping already! Hahaha I think it was the next day after I got the voucher... :) And I overspent much much more! :P


Thank you friends for all the lovely comments you have been leaving me, I appreciate them and I read them over and over again because they make me very happy! 


Sandy Ang said...

Glad everything's looking up for you. And I'm the same when it comes to scrappy shopping. Go into the store with a project, supply list and budget in hand - leave with much more than I need.

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy,

I don't know for how long I've been trying to leave comments for you :) But always give up cos it was spoilt. FINALLY it works :) YAY!

ALways love to see your creations, congrats on winning the KCK challenge! :) Will drop by your blog often ,come visit me too!

Viola Mahr