SS: [LO] Family Bonds

I am on the Simple Stories blog with 2 layouts today! 

This time round, I am inspired by the family details in Simple Stories 'Heart Collection'! You can say that I fell in love with this collection the minute I set my eyes on them. Firstly, it is because of colors which caught my eye - this is one of my favorite color combination! Smoothing colors and comfortable range to work on. Secondly, there were lots of elements within the collection, phrases which touch my heart dearly.

Family to me is a very important aspect of my life. I have a large extended family - my paternal Grandparents had 7 children! I am lucky to be showered with love by all of my Uncles and Aunts. When my Grandparents were around, they also doted on me loads. I always felt that I was the luckiest one with my family around. They are always dependable and taught me many things in life. My Grandmother used to dig out old photos taken in the past, and passed them to me since I always liked to keep all these old memories. A lot of them had turned yellow or discolored over time, but I managed to salvage some and these photos are my treasures!

While most of us document the more recent photos, I sometimes also take out the old photos and document my reflections as well. Some photos just deserved to be documented over and over again! 

For the first layout, I used a photo when I was probably 3 years old. It was a huge family joke about this photo, since I was holding hands with my cousin who was 2 months older. I spent some parts of my childhood with him and this was one of those cute photos which I hold dearly to my heart! I title this layout "Childhood".

More details on how I got inspired to do this layout are on Simple Stories blog. Here're some details of this layout.


The next layout, “Love” is a very special layout for me. These photos were taken during an outing to the Botanical garden with my grandparents. My aunt and Grandmother used to tell me how much my grandfather doted on me, and always carrying me around all the time. How treasured are these photos of my grandparents’ love for us? I was too young to remember all the details, but surely these photos hold a wonderful memory for me.

Creating these layouts have taken me on a memory recap and I loved all the emotions accompanying these layouts. Stop today for a while and reminisce on the old times! These can really bring back a big smile to your face!

Don't forget to check out the Simple Stories blog for more details on how I created these layouts!


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