MWL DT: Single Coptic Stitch with name - Mini Album

Hi crafters! It's me today sharing my mini album as Made With Love DT and I had so much fun with stitching this time round!

I wanted to personalize the album for my friends. My best friends. There are so many albums I want to document our friendship so I reckon that an album with a named spine might be useful. Think of how they look if you create a few albums and put them side by side on the book shelf?

This form of sewing uses the single coptic stitch. There is so many possibilities with one form of sewing, and I am happy to be expanding the stitches to create the spine I want.

This mini album took me 2 hours to sew and another half hour for decoration. I have to say that the sewing time was long, but definitely worth my efforts! Here's a look into the album.

Sewing cultivates my patience. Really it does. There are so many ways to make the sewing process a lot easier, but nothing can make the perfect sewing except if you are patient enough to go through each and every step with accuracy. One wrong step at the initial stage, and you could go hay wired in the next steps to come. With every practice, the stitching becomes easier, and there would be less room for errors. There is no short cut in sewing, and as the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

I can't say this enough. Each binding is unique to the receiver. I can create different types of binding to suit the occasion, and I can alter the stitches to make it work for me. That is why I keep binding. This is also why it intrigues me every time when I see a particular pattern I want to add to my album. Or maybe I see an apple on the table, and the next thing I know, I would pick up my pencil to draft the sewing pattern on my notebook. (okay, maybe not apple, but you get the point.) 

I like this kind of challenge. It spurs me to think of new ways to showcase my albums. It pushes me to be more patient with every mistake I make (yes, I tend to re-do the entire album until I get it right.) But that's how we learn right?

Look forward to my book binding classes! There is something new which you can pick up to customize your own album!

All materials used for this project are available at Made With Love. Don't forget to also look out for more book binding projects / classes available only with Made With Love

Thanks for dropping by my blog today! 

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